About Us

Trusted Avenues was developed after our founder, Simon Buckley (below), realised that opportunities were being missed for both him and his trusted avenues of business to further assist each other, as neither knew of each other's networks or their professions. From these initial thoughts, a platform to show your contacts professions to other trusted avenues in a private and non-intrusive way was developed, helping your network reach its full potential.

With existing platforms becoming saturated in unnecessary material and a substantial amount of unwanted content being pushed upon you, it is paramount for Trusted Avenues to remove all white noise and remain 100% relevant at all times. Only by referral can details be shared and there is no general search option available. By keeping the name and contact details of your trusted avenues private and only showing their profession and location until a referral is completed, it ensures the goal of 100% relevance is met, and means that every referral you receive has been requested for a specific task, and not a random time wasting request to help boost other users' numbers. By adding a mutual trusted avenue into the equation as opposed to direct, this ensures that they have screened and qualified the requesting user and deemed them relevant to continue on the referral. If not, the end user is none the wiser and has not wasted any time or effort dealing with someone that is unsuitable at that time.

Users are still able to contact users from their Potential Avenues list directly to fast track growth of their network or to promote themselves and their business, however the receiving user should be aware that the requesting user has paid for the ability to contact them (see Open Avenues section on your dashboard), meaning that the contact is a genuine request and still maintaining 100% relevance.

Trusted Avenues is simply a way of giving back and helping out those that you know and trust where possible, by creating opportunities that already existed, but were preiously unaware, helping your network to reach its full potential.

Simon Buckley - Founder & Director

“Being raised in regional Victoria in Australia, it's always been about supporting those that you know, and if you didn't know someone in that field, you knew someone that did. Over the years embracing this, I have developed what I believe to be an extensive network of trusted avenues of business, mostly through my involvement in the Thoroughbred Racing Industry. It was only after I started working for myself that I discovered opportunities were being missed to be referred to and for me to refer others. 

Trusted Avenues is the platform that will help 'Bring Your Network to Life' creating opportunities for yourself and others and keeping business transactions within your local network. Being able to see your networks direct contacts profession and location only, allows you to request someone for a specific task from an avenue that you know and trust. By keeping the site in this private format, it maintains 100% relevance and is our main point of difference.

There is no unwanted story on your feed as there isn't one. There are no requests from unwanted users as there is no search function. No one commenting and interacting on your movements as they can't see it. In fact, unless you share your details with another user you trust, nobody will know you are registered on the platform. Privacy and relevance are key.

Register today and welcome your network to Trusted Avenues. Start referring with your trusted avenues while developing a list of potential avenues to explore that are only 1 referral away. You never know when you may need a particular profession and someone you know may already know the right person.

I look forward to becoming a trusted avenue of yours and referring to each other."