How it Works

Trusted Avenues is an individual networking platform that allows you to bring the network that you have inside your own contact list to life, while at the same time allowing you to access your trusted avenues networks in a private and non-intrusive way.

Build your network and create business opportunities for yourself and others by following the below steps, and most importantly, keep business transactions within your local network. There has never been a more important time to support your own network, start referring today with Trusted Avenues and see the instant benefits today.

Follow these steps to help build your network and start referring:

Create your account, including creating your own unique Trusted Avenues username that you will use to help connect with your trusted sources. 

Start building your network within Trusted Avenues by selecting Direct Avenues and entering either:

  • A Unique Trusted Avenues username for those that you know and have shared your Trusted Avenues details with or;
  • Your contact’s email address, where an automated email will be sent to that person inviting them to join you on Trusted Avenues. This email will outline the platform and the benefits of why they should join you on the platform.

Watch your numbers increase on your dashboard as you connect with your Trusted Avenues.

The more Trusted Avenue's you connect with, the more Potential Avenues for you to explore will open up to you and be able to be referred to.

Request a referral – select a person in your Potential Avenues and request a referral from the person that you have in common.


Enter your note to your Trusted Avenue as to why you are requesting this referral and forward. If your Trusted Avenue deems your request appropriate, he or she will accept your request and your details will be forwarded on to that person for them to accept.

The requested user becomes a Trusted Avenue once accepted and details appear in both users Trusted Avenue list, while at the same time, opening up more Potential Avenues of business to each other.

View your new Trusted Avenue's details and contact them to discuss and complete the business transaction.